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Sheng Ji, DDS, MD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Blog

When Can I Return to Work After Dental Implant Surgery?

July 8, 2022

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“Out of office” note on desk for person recovering from dental implant surgery

Taking time off of work to undergo dental implant surgery might seem like an inconvenience. You may be eager to leap back into your normal routine as soon as possible! However, it is important that you get adequate rest following your procedure. This blog post discusses some factors that influence how long you may need to stay at home and rest.


4 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Implant Surgery

January 20, 2022

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Woman with dental implants resting at home

To get dental implants, you need to undergo surgery. Afterwards, you’ll naturally want to do everything you can to make sure that the healing process is as quick and comfortable as possible. However, it’s just as important to take note of things that you absolutely should not do in order to avoid complications. Here are 4 things that patients need to avoid at all costs after their dental implant surgery.


5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Dental Implants

December 27, 2021

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Happy family eating dinner together, grateful for dental implants

The past couple of years have been challenging for everyone, but as 2021 winds down, many people are pausing to “count their blessings,” so to speak, as they reflect on all the reasons they have to be thankful. Things like family and friends are among the top reasons for gratitude. But for countless people, dental implants are also worthy of a thankful spirit. Let’s talk about some of the many advantages they offer.


Don’t Do These 5 Things After Dental Implant Surgery

December 15, 2021

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Saying no to cigarettes after dental implant surgery

The success of your dental implant surgery depends largely on the skill and experience of the oral surgery practice that you entrust with your care. However, you also play a big role in your treatment’s outcome. Following your surgery, it is important that you avoid certain activities so you can lower your risk of complications and facilitate a smooth recovery. Here are a few things NOT to do after your dental implant procedure:


Preparing for Oral Surgery? 3 Tips for a Safe Recovery During the Holidays

November 29, 2021

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woman smiling during holidays

Oral surgery may not be the most exciting thing you look forward to this holiday season but oftentimes, it’s necessary. While it may be inconvenient, especially when preparing to gather with family and friends, there are ways you can continue to heal successfully while also having plenty of fun. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you spend time with loved ones and recover from oral surgery to achieve a healthier smile.


3 Reasons Wisdom Teeth Removal is Necessary

November 13, 2021

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digital x-ray of wisdom teeth

Often considered a rite of passage for patients between the ages of 17 and 25, wisdom teeth removal is a commonly performed procedure. Although it may seem unnecessary to extract them, serious damage and infection can occur if treatment isn’t sought early enough. A board-certified oral surgeon shares three of the most common reasons these teeth are recommended for removal as well as what potential problems can occur if they remain in place too long.


Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extractions: 6 Practical Tips

September 22, 2021

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Woman resting at home after wisdom tooth removal

Several years ago, it was estimated that Americans have 10 million wisdom teeth removed each year. If you are among the many patients who will undergo this procedure in the near future, it is understandable if you are a bit nervous about what you will feel like during your recovery. But there is no need to worry. As long as you take some simple precautions, it is likely that you will be feeling normal relatively quickly. Here are some practical tips to facilitate a comfortable and complication-free recovery:


How Your Fair Oaks Dentist Protects You During COVID-19

August 25, 2020

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dentist near Fair Oaks checking patient’s temperature before appointment

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, your oral surgeon and dentist near Fair Oaks had a fairly simple procedure for preparing to see you. They would thoroughly wash their hands, put on fresh gloves and a mask, and ensure they were using sterile instruments. Now, however, additional safety protocols are necessary to protect the health and safety of both patients and oral surgery team members. Exactly what do those protocols involve? Let’s discuss a few of them.


Why You Should Plan a Wisdom Tooth Extraction for Your Teen During the Holidays

December 9, 2019

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Young adult in dental chair

During the fun and festivities of the holidays, oral surgery is probably one of the last things your teenager wants to think about. However, if their wisdom teeth need to be removed, now could be the best opportunity to schedule an appointment for a while – and the sooner the procedure is performed, the better it will be for their smile! Learn why the winter holiday break could be the perfect time for wisdom teeth extractions in Carmichael.


One of My Dental Implants Feels Loose — What Should I Do?

September 15, 2019

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concerned woman touching face

Dental implants are successful in the vast majority of cases, but that does not mean they are risk-free. Complications may crop up that cause an implant to become loose. If that happens to you, what should you do? Let’s talk about why an implant may feel loose and how your dentist or oral surgeon may be able to address the problem.

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