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Oral Surgery – Carmichael, CA

Trusted Expertise For Complex Dental Issues

Dr. Sheng Ji is able to provide his patients with absolutely everything they need to gain relief from persistent oral pain, recover from facial injuries, and achieve a healthy and functional smile. A board-certified oral surgeon with many years of experience and thousands of hours of training under his belt, he’s able to provide an array of surgical services at a level you just won’t find anywhere else. To schedule a FREE consultation to learn how he can help you, contact us today.

Why Choose Sheng Ji, DDS, MD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for Oral Surgery?

  • Certified Oral Surgeon Trained in Both Medicine & Dentistry
  • TMJ Therapy: Solutions for Chronic Jaw Pain & Headaches
  • Sedation Dentistry Guarantees Patient Comfort

Surgical Tooth Extractions

When a tooth has become impacted (stuck) while erupting, a surgical extraction is often the best course of action to remove it and prevent it from developing pain or an infection. This is usually the method used to remove the wisdom teeth. Dr. Ji is an expert at this procedure and has literally performed it countless times over the course of his career, combining a gentle touch and his years of experience to deliver comfortable care and reliable results.

Learn About Surgical Tooth Extraction

Impacted Canine Treatment

The canine teeth are the pointed ones located on either side of the front teeth, and their function is to help you bite into food more easily. For some children, they can become stuck while erupting, leading to an impaction. In addition to affecting the appearance of the smile, this can also throw off the spacing of the surrounding teeth and even inhibit their ability to speak and eat properly. Working with an orthodontist, Dr. Ji can help free these teeth from gum and bone tissue so they have a clear path and are able to erupt normally into the mouth.

Facial Trauma Repair

Injuries to the jaw and face can have a wide variety of causes, ranging from motor vehicle accidents to simple slip and falls within the home. Nonetheless, they can be truly devastating for a number of reasons, negatively affecting both a person’s appearance as well as their oral health. Fortunately, Dr. Ji is able to repair even the most severe facial trauma to give someone a renewed sense of confidence in addition to flawless oral function.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Problems such as severe overbites and under bites can often be corrected with orthodontics alone, but in extreme cases, the most effective approach involves orthognathic surgery, more commonly known as corrective jaw surgery. Usually completed in one appointment, this type of procedure involves lengthening or shortening the upper or lower jaw in order to make the bite line up correctly, which can improve a person’s appearance as well as make it easier for them to chew and speak.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is a specialty field within dentistry that involves the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases that affect the oral and maxillofacial region. Certain infections cannot only be the cause of oral health problems, but they could also interfere with healing from necessary surgical procedures as well. By keeping a close eye on the bacteria levels in the mouth and providing care when needed, Dr. Ji can ensure that all of his patients enjoy successful treatments as well as quick recoveries.


Normally, a cavity only affects the outermost layer of a tooth, or enamel. However, if the infection is left untreated for a very long time, it can actually reach the root of a tooth and even spread into the nearby jawbone, creating an abscess. An apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that is used to correct this type of problem. After making a small hole in the jawbone, any infected tissue is removed, and then the root of a tooth is sealed off to prevent the future spread of bacteria. The tooth itself is usually treated using a root canal.


Every single person has at least three small bands of tissue in their mouth called frenulums—one on each lip that connects them to the gums, and another found underneath the tongue. These tissues can sometimes be so short or rigid that they inhibit normal oral function, preventing someone from eating, speaking, or even breathing properly. A frenectomy is a quick and painless procedure in which the offending tissue is either loosened or removed altogether to quickly free up someone’s oral mobility.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone knows that having an attractive and confident smile is a huge asset in today’s world, but sometimes, the orientation of the jaw and surrounding bone can prevent someone from having an attractive and symmetrical appearance. Correcting issues like these are often beyond the reach of general dentistry and even orthodontics, but Dr. Ji is more than capable of giving a patient what they need. Working closely with a patient, he can help them design what they want their new smile to look like, and then he can turn it into a reality using a custom-designed procedure.

Cleft Lip/Palate Surgery

In the U.S. alone, about 700 babies are born with a cleft lip and/or palate each year. These usually develop during very early pregnancy, and left untreated, they can lead to severe physical deformations as well as inhibit a child’s ability to feed, speak, and breathe. Thankfully, correcting these issues just requires a simple procedure Dr. Ji can perform right in our Carmichael office. He can reposition segments of the upper jaw in order to close any gaps to dramatically improve a child’s oral function and appearance at the same time.

TMJ/TMD Disorders

Does your jaw feel sore all the time? Do you constantly get headaches and don’t know why? If so, then the culprit might be a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, or TMD. The TMJ is the set of hinges that enables your lower jaw to move, and it can develop stiffness and pain due to injury, arthritis, and even a misaligned bite. Dr. Ji can help find what is causing stress in the joint and also provide treatments designed to relieve any pain as well as improve the jaw’s function.