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Exposure and Bracketing of Impacted Teeth – Carmichael, CA

Freeing Trapped Teeth to Restore Your Smile

As baby teeth are lost, the permanent teeth erupt to take their place, eventually creating the smile that is meant to last for the rest of your life. But what if some of that empty space is never filled at all? Some teeth, especially the maxillary canines (the pointed teeth near the front of your upper arch), are prone to becoming impacted, which can easily lead to bone loss, the formation of tumors, and other health issues. If you have a child whose teeth are taking longer than usual to appear, get in touch with us today; Dr. Ji can work with your orthodontist to guide the tooth in question to its proper position in order to complete your little one’s healthy, dazzling grin.

Why Choose Sheng Ji, DDS for Exposure and Bracketing of Impacted Teeth?

  • Highly Trained Oral Surgeon
  • Friendly, Caring Team
  • Various Levels of Sedation

What are Impacted Canines and Teeth?

Child visiting dentist for impacted teeth in Carmichael, CA

A tooth that is “impacted” is unable to break through the bone and/or gum tissue and thus never properly erupts into your mouth. While the wisdom teeth are the most likely to become impacted, the maxillary canines can also become trapped in some cases. In many cases, impaction occurs because there’s not enough room in the jaw for the teeth to fit, or the teeth in question may not be able to follow the tracks that would normally guide them to where they’re supposed to go. This can be very problematic, since the canines play a vital role in chewing, and other teeth will also cause issues if they stay impacted.

Diagnosis of Impacted Teeth

Illustration of a tooth impacted and pressing against other teeth

All of the adult teeth have specific ages when they’re expected to erupt; if they don’t appear, there’s a very good chance that something is wrong. Also, it’s possible for a professional to look at the angles and positions of nearby teeth in order to gain an idea of what the position of the missing tooth is. If we expect a tooth has become impacted, we can take X-rays of your mouth to confirm the diagnosis and, if necessary, plan surgery.

Problems from Impacted Teeth

Illustration of X-ray of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Sometimes it is possible to leave impacted teeth where they are without suffering from any health problems, but most of the time there will be serious long-term consequences. First of all, the simple fact that a gap is left in your smile can lead to drifting teeth and a misaligned bite. Furthermore, an impacted tooth can “eat away” at other teeth, breaking them down over time and causing irreparable damage. And finally, tumors and cysts tend to form around the area where a tooth has become impacted.

Treatment of Impacted Teeth

Child rubbing jaw due to impacted tooth pain

Since an impacted tooth will continue to develop underneath the gums, it’s generally better to have it treated as soon as possible. (For example, if your child’s canine is impacted, the surgery should ideally be performed between the ages of 11 and 12.) During an exposure and bracketing procedure, the tooth is uncovered so that we can place an orthodontic attachment. Said attachment will be connected to a gold chain that will very gently guide the tooth into its position.