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Oral Surgeon Near Fair Oaks, CA

Advanced Expertise for Complex Oral Problems

Why Patients in Fair Oaks Choose Us

Highly-Trained Oral Surgeon
Sedation Dentistry Available
Multiple Services, 1 Convenient Location
Dental Insurance Friendly
Flexible Financing Welcomed
Morning, Afternoon & Lunchtime Appointments

About Our Oral Surgeon Near Fair Oaks

Nearly a Decade of Experience in the Dental Field
Dedicated to Meticulous, Effective, Comfortable Treatment
Graduated at the Top of his Class from UCSF
Underwent Specialty Training in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Able to Help Patients with Dental Implants, Emergency Dentistry & More
Active Member of Multiple Organizations, like the ADA

Dr. Sheng Ji

With an oral surgeon as a father, you could say a passion for serving others through exceptional dentistry is in Dr. Ji’s blood! He moved to Redding when he was 14, where his interest in oral surgery continued to grow.

The first step toward pursuing his passion was earning his undergraduate degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Genetics from UCLA. From there, Dr. Ji attended the prestigious UCSF School of Dentistry, where he graduated at the top of his class. However, his training doesn’t end there. To further his craft, he studied at the UT Southwestern School of Medicine and underwent specialty training in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. As a result, he can help patients with a wide range of services, from IV sedation and wisdom teeth removal to dental implants near Fair Oaks!

While Dr. Ji’s extensive educational background and advanced training are no doubt impressive, what truly sets him apart is his genuine care for his patients. All these years later, he is just as committed to providing those in his treatment chair with the meticulous, effective, comfortable care they deserve. He takes each treatment personally and works hard to ensure everyone can enjoy improved dental health and beautiful smiles. In short, he finds being an oral surgeon very rewarding – it’s been his dream ever since he was a child!

Hear From Other Patients Near Fair Oaks

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Great place. I, like many, have anxiety with the dentist. So needing to get teeth pulled I was very scared. The two month wait (insurance issues) didn't help my nerves either. Everyone was kind, respectful of my feelings and professional. By the end of the experience I'm definitely not anxious anymore!

Jason A.

Advanced Procedures to Enhance Your Oral Health

From multiple tooth extractions to urgent emergency dentistry near Fair Oaks, Dr. Ji and our team are proud to provide advanced oral surgery services for nearby patients. By clicking on the images below, you can learn about some of the many services we offer that can enhance your oral health and help you to enjoy a lifetime of strong, functional smiles!

How We Make Oral Surgery Affordable

Whether you want to address tooth loss head-on with dental implants or need last-minute treatment from an emergency dentist near you, the last thing you want is to worry about the cost. That’s why Dr. Ji and our team are proud to help make the financial component of your care as affordable and stress-free as possible. To learn more, click on either of the below icons!

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

Ready to visit Dr. Ji? Then head on over to 6600 Madison Ave. Suite 10 in Carmichael! If you’re a resident of Fair Oaks, we’re less than 5 miles from home (about a 10-minute drive). Our office is near the Dewey Drive and Madison Avenue intersection, close to the Chevron and Elena’s Kitchen and Catering. Prefer step-by-step instructions? Feel free to contact our helpful team! We look forward to serving you and your smile.

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

As your trustworthy oral surgeon near Fair Oaks, our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about what we do and how we may be able to serve you. Below, you will find the answers to some of the questions that our patients commonly ask. If you would like information about any additional topics, please give us a call so we can personally assist you.

What Do You Do If You Cannot Afford An Oral Surgeon?

If you think that oral surgery is too expensive, then you probably haven’t heard about all of the ways our team can help you fit our services into your budget. For example, as an insurance-friendly practice, we are in-network with many major PPO plans. Your medical insurance might even help you cover the cost of your oral surgery near Fair Oaks, depending on which procedure you undergo and the details of your policy. We can also help you apply for low-interest financing through CareCredit.

Are Oral Surgeons Dentists Or Doctors?

Most oral surgeons, which are formally known as oral and maxillofacial surgeons, are dentists who complete several years of extra training after dental school, like. Dr. Ji. However, he has also completed medical school. His dual training makes him extra-qualified to take on even the most complex cases.

Can You Go Straight To An Oral Surgeon Without A Referral?

Yes, you can visit an oral surgeon near Fair Oaks without a referral from your dentist. You may choose to do so if you are considering getting dental implants or another major procedure. If you experience a dental emergency, a trip to our office may also be in order. Of course, Dr. Ji also welcomes referrals from general dentists. Depending on your insurance policy, your coverage might require you to get a referral before you see a dental specialist.

How Can I Find A Chinese-Speaking Oral Surgeon?

According to one estimate, there are more than 35,000 Chinese individuals in our county. If you are among them and you would like an oral surgeon who can communicate in Mandarin, doing a Google search for “Chinese oral surgeon near me” may help you find a qualified care provider. Dr. Ji is a top oral surgeon near you who lived in China until he was a teenager.

How Can I Find The Best Doctor To Provide Dental Implants?

General dentists and prosthodontists are quite good at restoring dental implants. That is to say, they are good at designing the teeth that go on top of the artificial tooth roots. However, it is often better to partner with a highly trained specialist, such as Dr. Ji, to have implant placement oral surgery near Fair Oaks. He is also capable of performing bone grafts and sinus lifts, both of which are often essential to the ultimate success of a dental implant procedure.

What Should I Expect After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Some bleeding and swelling around the treatment sites are normal following wisdom tooth extractions. Dr. Ji usually prescribes a pain medication to make the recovery process easier and more comfortable. You should take at least one or two days to rest after your procedure, and you should stick to a soft food diet for about a week. It is also important that you temporarily avoid the use of straws because the suction action could dislodge the blood clots at the extraction sites.