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Wisdom Tooth Removal – Carmichael, CA

Gentle & Safe Wisdom
Teeth Extractions

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Why are the wisdom teeth so wise? They likely get their name based on the fact that they are the last teeth to come in, usually emerging around the late teens or early twenties when someone is hopefully a bit “wiser” compared to when they were a child. Of course, as “smart” as these teeth might be, they often have to be removed because they tend to cause nothing but trouble. If you or your teen are dealing with pain or any other problems associated with the wisdom teeth, Dr. Sheng Ji is ready to make them disappear. He can provide skillful wisdom tooth extractions right here in Carmichael so local families can get what they need in the quickest and most comfortable way possible. Is it time for you or your child’s wisdom teeth to come out? To learn more, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Sheng Ji, DDS, MD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

  • Sedation Dentistry Guarantees a Comfortable Procedure
  • Surgeon Who is Trained in Both Dentistry & Medicine
  • Friendly, Professional, & Skillful Team

Why Do We Even Have Wisdom Teeth?

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The wisdom teeth, just like the appendix, are found in practically every human body, but they need to be removed more often than not…so why do they even exist in the first place?

The truth is that the wisdom teeth are an artifact left over from our caveman ancestors. Back then, the human diet mostly consisted of tough roots and meats, both of which are very hard on the back teeth. When a person reached their late teens or early twenties, their first set of molars would usually be worn out or broken, and the wisdom teeth would replace them. Over time, cooking techniques improved and food became much easier to eat, leading to the human jaw actually shrinking. Between the teeth lasting much longer and this reduction in size, most modern people now don’t have enough real estate in their mouths to fit their wisdom teeth, which is why they have to be removed.

Problems Caused by the Wisdom Teeth

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As the wisdom teeth struggle to come in, they can cause all sorts of problems, including:

  • Pain towards the back of the jaw
  • Shifting of the surrounding teeth
  • Creating a flap in the gums that traps plaque and food particles
  • An infection in the gums and jawbone
  • Swelling in the jaw and face
  • A low-grade fever & nausea

In most cases, the only way to stop and/or prevent these symptoms is to simply remove the teeth.

What to Expect During a Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Ideally, a dentist will keep a close eye on a patient’s wisdom teeth during their regular checkups so they can recommend the teeth be removed before they cause any of the problems listed above. Once it is time for them to come out, that’s when a patient will visit Dr. Ji.

After taking a few X-rays of the mouth to get a better look at the teeth, the extraction will involve the following steps:

  • The mouth will be numbed with local anesthetic
  • Dr. Ji will make a small incision in the gums in order to better expose a tooth
  • He’ll remove any bone tissue that is still holding onto a tooth
  • He’ll then extract the tooth itself, usually in pieces
  • He’ll close the treatment site with self-dissolving stitches

What to Expect After a Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Some swelling and bleeding around the treatment sites are to be expected after a wisdom tooth extraction, but Dr. Ji will prescribe a patient pain medication to make the recovery process more comfortable. A patient will be asked to take the day of their procedure easy and initially stick to a soft food diet. After about a week, the mouth should be completely healed, and a patient will be able to go back to their normal routine and eat whatever they like.